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  • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS 2016 (up to 15%)
    The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities, as a sector organization of economic self-government, gathering mostly manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipment, cannot be indifferent to the problems experienced by the companies from our sector. At present, the problem is a generally difficult situation in agriculture, and in particular, in the sector of agricultural machines and facilities. For this reason, despite already incoming registrations for this-year Exhibition in the number comparable to that of last year, the decision was made concerning one-off additional discounts for AGRO SHOW 2016.
  • May 20 is the deadline for applications for AGRO SHOW including discount
    Only until May 20 can submit the application for the exhibition AGRO SHOW, which will include a discount for exhibition space. We encourage you to submit entries.
  • Application forms for AGRO SHOW 2016
    In the next few days will be placed application forms for the exhibition Agro Show 2016
  • The media patronage of Polish Television
    The media patron of AGRO SHOW 2016 has been TVP. We are convinced that thanks to the cooperation with TVP, exhibition will gain an even better setting, and information about it will reach the multitude of farmers and persons connected with the wider agricultural sector.
  • Patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    We are pleased to announce that, as in previous years, also this year the patronage for the AGRO SHOW 2016 took over the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.


23 September 2016

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  • AGRO SHOW is the most important event in the field of agricultural technology and one of the largest international agricultural exhibitions in Europe. AGRO SHOW is agriculture, in the full sense of the word. For exhibitors offering agricultural machinery agricultural fertilizer producers have joined , seeds , plant protection products and other industries related to agriculture , as well as financial institutions , allowing farmers AGRO SHOW Visitors can explore the full range of products and services for agriculture and to obtain all the information and assistance of technical, agronomic and economic .

  • During the AGRO SHOW 2014 were accredited more than 100 journalists. Currently in the trade press, portals and social media appear the articles summarizing and describing AGRO SHOW 2014.


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