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20 September 2018

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Presentations of machines

The machines will be exhibited during the AGRO SHOW 2018 exhibition in Bednary in a new formula. The exhibition is organized on an exhibition field in two blocks: PRECISE AGRICULTURE AND SOWING OF CEREALS IN A SIMPLIFIED SYSTEM

The first block is planned to include two presentations. At first, the mineral fertilizers distributors will spread the fertilizer in the field based on a variable fertilization map. The works will be carried out according to the map provided by the host. We also deliver the fertilizer, which is the same for all the participants of the show. The guests of the show will observe the temporary changes of the fertilizer dose on two large-scale displays located on the exhibition field (the video cameras will be installed in tractor cabins and on the drone flying behind the machine). During the first course, the fertilizer distributors will work with the border fertilizing system switched on. The distribution widths will be 24 m. After the show, we intend to inform about the weight of the fertilizer distributed by particular machines taking part in the presentation, if the exhibitors agree. The planned length of the course will be 600 m (300 m in one way and 300 m in the other).

In the second presentation, tractors equipped with technical solutions and software will leave onto the field, enabling them to perform tasks in the precision farming system and to cooperate with machines. The tractors from particular manufacturers are equipped with various system allows implementation of precise agriculture, but always in compliance with the ISO 11783 standard. This equipment usually enables automatic control of the machine driving track, including the contouring one, management of a tractor and a machine at the headland, control of machines for row work with the use of cameras, guidance of machines in the field in a virtual drawbar system, GPS data recording, documenting work, creating crop maps, etc. Companies which offer tractors are left with full freedom to choose the functions of the tractor, which will be presented during the show.

The second block regarding the technique of sowing the cereals in a simplified system will present various technical and technological solutions related to sowing of cereals in a no-till mode. The simplified farming and sowing technologies are employed by farmers increasingly more often. The market offer of producers is also on the increase in this scope. We intend to present sets of machinery which sows cereals in various systems: starting from cultivation and sowing aggregates to sowing with mulch, through direct sowing, to farming and skip-row seeding.